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over 2 years ago

"Once, I was travelling with my mother from bangalore to hyderabad by Kaveri Bus. It was the night journey and we were in AC sleeper bus. All of a sudden, within an hour of commencing the journey, my mother started feeling pukish due to indigestion! I was so worried as she wasn't feeling well at all. I asked the driver if he can stop at any nearby medical shop so that I can get some medicines for her. Fortunately, the driver was familiar with the route and he stopped at a medical shop. To my surprise, he himself approached the chemist and got some good medicines. My mother started feeling well after some time and the journey went smooth after that. I still remember that journey and I'm really very thankful to the bus crew for being so kind and responsible."

Anil Kumar
over 2 years ago

"They have so many pick – up points in Bangalore. I usually catch Kaveri Bus at Koramangala as I stay here. Last time, I was rushing to board the bus but, the bus had already left. I immediately called the driver and enquired about the next pick – up point. He told me to come to Madiwala which is just 10 mins away from my place. Out of curiosity, I opened the website to check for the boarding points and felt really happy when I saw various other pick – up points near my place. Truly very convenient.."

over 2 years ago

"I always had this feeling that private bus drivers are very unprofessional and unsophisticated. But, when I traveled by Kaveri Bus for the first time, I realized that I was wrong! The staff was very well mannered and quite friendly. They took extra care while loading the luggages. The bus also was very clean with fresh curtains, bedsheets and bedspreads. About the journey, It was very good. No sudden breaks and rashdriving. Overall, it was an amazing experience.."

Ravi Prasad
over 2 years ago

"I got Flat 15% discount when I booked a ticket online!!! That's really nice. I told my friends about this and now, even they have started booking their bus tickets by visiting Kaveri Bus website."

Muthu Krishna
over 2 years ago

" The driver stopped at a decent restaurant for the lunch. Food was scrumptious and there were lot of vegetarian options. Washroom also was clean. All in all a good hotel..good choice Kaveri Bus "

Karthik Prasad
over 2 years ago

"This is the first time I experienced in my life that bus departure and arrival time has been punctual. Staff and bus quality is top level and I prefer to travel on the same travelers"

over 2 years ago

"They provide the best quality of services always. Bus is highly comfortable, always reaches destination on time and best travels to rely upon. Expecting same service going further too."

Ramya Singh
over 2 years ago

"Traveling to places through Kaveri travels is always affordable, convenient and satisfactory. One of the finest bus operating services."

Yashwanth Reddy
over 2 years ago

"The travel experience was awesome. You guys respect the passengers which none of the travels do. Please keep this in practice and one day you will be the best travels across. Very clean and value for money. Good job guys "

over 2 years ago

""ya it's very good journey .... yesterday night i traveled from tirupathi to hyderabad very comfortable ..... i am suggesting to my friends also.... to travel in your bus"

over 2 years ago

"Excellent,well maintained bus,punctual service . Probably the best private bus operator in the south."

over 2 years ago

"Excellent website, user friendly, look & feel is very good"